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MIDAS PARTNERS is a modern and growing company that focuses its activities on two main sectors: Information Technology Outsourcing and Project and Program Management. Our company offers a wide range of services that meet the needs of every company using new technologies, integrated information systems and support. The capital of our company is our consultants who have extensive experience in software development and application customization.  Also they continuously update their knowledge on new technologies to provide the most innovative services.




The Company’s mission is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of every customer’s project. It also aims to simplify the organizational needs in order to keep the cost as low as possible so that the index of return on initial investment (Return on Investment - ROI) is the greatest.


The Company’s vision is to establish itself as a catalyst to the success of its client projects by providing the most innovative services. This is achieved by the completion of each project within the planned timetable, without exceeding its budget and without any compromise in quality.

The Company's expertise, combined with its values: reliability, efficiency, integrity and dedication to customer needs, guarantee the quality of its services.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and plan the best solution for the growth of your Company.