Information Technology Outsourcing


The need of Companies and Banks for outsourcing is growing rapidly as it aims to reduce costs while improving services and expounding them into new technologies.

MIDAS PARTNERS meets promptly the needs
for temporary specialized Consultants, as formed in the area of Information Technology, with competitive prices and without risk, providing high quality services to its customers. Recognizing the uniqueness of each client, we offer our support for as long it is needed.

The technologies used are divided into two main categories depending on their use.

  • In developing new projects and restoration of legacy systems we use new-generation technology and tools

  • For maintenance and further development of legacy systems we adapt to the customer‘s requirements, and improve the existing application


Our services cover four areas:

  • Consulting

  • Maintaining and upgrading existing applications and develop new software

  • Technical Support

  • Training


MIDAS PARTNERS key objective is the guidance of the client to the right direction of the IT and new technologies. We provide consulting services concerning the organization, reliability and continuous development of IT infrastructure. We offer solutions to current and future needs of our customers by combining the maximum benefit at a minimum cost.

The methodology in the implementation of a new project or upgrading an already existing is:

  •     Presentation of current situation

  •     Definition of requirements

  •     Design the solution

  •     Feasibility study

  •     Proposal

  •     Acceptation of proposal

  •     Task Scheduler

  •     Project Implementation

  •     Training on the new IT system

  •     Support


Our continuing effort to be informed on new technologies, supplies us with knowledge and consists our equipment to face the competiveness  of this area.

We develop software according to market needs covering the full range of technologies with modern methodology and effectiveness.

We specialize in designing, developing and maintaining software for:

  •     Banks

  •     Insurance Companies

  •     Commerce Firms

  •     Maritime Firms

Every project is completed and delivered within a fixed time with quality and responsibility.


The services offered by MIDAS PARTNERS in this area are fully adjusted to your needs and concern:

  •     Preventive maintenance of equipment

  •     Restoring operation in systems in case of failure

  •    Optimize existing equipment for maximum performance


It is known that the utilization of IT investment is depending on the proper training of the human resources. MIDAS PARTNERS advantage is the continuing effort for education of staff in new technologies and provides the following:

  •     High quality training

  •     Training programs customized to your requirements

  •     Systematic training of your staff at your location

More information regarding our provided seminars can be found on the web page of our associates.

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